App Development

We build mobile and web apps at any scale, from proof of concepts to secure financial services apps. We’re experts in a wide range of technologies. We can work with your existing stack, or build your vision from scratch.

Building your vision

We love turning great ideas into reality. Tell us your vision – we’ll analyse it, challenge your ideas and help you construct a tailor-made plan to deliver it. We’ll make sure the plan we create is appropriate for your budget and the stage your idea’s at – from proof-of-concept to full deployment and scale-up.


From requirements gathering to designing out your project. We can create clickable prototypes and designs


Build a product quickly and at a reasonable price with basic features so you can get funding and your first customers.


Increase the robustness of your product with better server management, cybersecurity and whatever else your product needs.

Rapid prototyping

Getting customer feedback quickly is vital to the success of a new product or startup. We pride ourselves in being able to create proof-of-concepts quickly. We can provide clickable wireframe designs, or front-end POCs with dummy data with a rapid turnaround so that you can validate your idea and get feedback as quickly as possible.

We use agile methodologies – we develop software iteratively and release new versions often. This means that if you need to pivot or change your product in response to feedback, we can respond quickly and waste little effort. The agile approach means that we’ll focus on the vital features for your minimum viable product and release them as quickly as possible.

Ongoing support

Our team is flexible around your requirements – we can deliver a one-off project to be managed by your own tech team, or we can fully manage the hosting, infrastructure and support of the software we develop.

Where we manage the infrastructure, we deploy the apps we write on cloud servers with high availability and durability. We deploy automatic monitoring tools to detect any issues and resolve them quickly. As you grow, we’ll monitor your apps performance and scale the infrastructure as needed.

If you need a support team, we can provide office-hours support directly to your users. We provide a helpdesk service where you can submit support requests quickly, with direct access to our software engineers. We pride ourselves on having an extremely fast turn around with urgent issues being addressed within 30 minutes.