Available through March 2024

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Going Beyond Basics

We’re going beyond the basics with Japeto by developing features for charities, non-profits and healthcare organisations to automate and save time, safely.

The human connection you have with your service users is essential for what you do. We are creating tools that take care of the easy questions and get out of your way when a person should handle the conversation.

Build Your Chatbot

Partner with a case manager to script, train and build your chatbot. We do the work, you guide the direction.

Train Your Chatbot

Your chatbot should handle website visitors questions just like you would. You and your team test and play with the chatbot to check it meets your standards. We add more training data to build out your chatbot.

Learn and Improve

We help get your chatbot on your website, and now the fun begins! Every interaction helps inform the chatbot better. We can review data to improve chatbot responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s free! We cover the cost for scripting, building and testing the chatbot. We may also build new features for you to try out.

After the programme ends on  March 31, 2024, you can continue to pay for the chatbot. We will offer a monthly pricing model and you can cancel anytime. Monthly cost will range from £0 to £50 for self-serve chatbots. We also offer enterprise level chatbots at a higher cost that are completely managed by Japeto.

You’re in charge! We have many precautions to keep data safe and secure on our servers. Our team is DBS-checked and access is only granted to team members that need to work with it to improve your chatbot.

By default, we keep chatbot message data for one year after it has been received and then automatically delete it.

Your web developer or IT person will need to add a line of code to your website to embed the chatbot. We can help with the process. 

Our Beta Testers

We are working with organisations large and small in different areas of expertise. Join our current beta testers so you can help more people in your organisation.

We’re making the beta test programme available to a limited number of organisations in the UK.

If you are interested, please submit your information. Our team will follow-up to schedule a call to discuss your organisation and goals.

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