Chatbot Pat

Pat is the UK’s first sexual health chatbot.

Site visitors can interact with Pat by clicking on conversation options (called response cards) or entering their question in the text box.

Behind the scenes, we use AI-powered natural language understanding (NLU) to interpret the message and link it to a scripted response.

Pat never says anything that has not been scripted and reviewed. The chatbot uses AI to identify the user’s question so it can be matched to an existing intent but never generates its own text and answers, making it safer to use in healthcare settings.

Around-the-clock help

Pat serves as an additional means for site visitors to engage and obtain information; it complements your sexual health services rather than replacing them.

Unlike a phone line, Pat provides after-hours support and can answer multiple questions at the same time for different visitors.

24/7 support for multiple visitors

The chatbot can support multiple users at once without a break. This adds value to organisations when your phone line is unavailable.

200+ scripted responses

Pat is trained to recognise questions around sexual health and has over 200 responses built in.

Learn about your service users

One of the top reported benefits of using Pat has been better analytics and understanding about what site visitors need help with.

With anonymised reporting, you can track trends for free condom requests, STIs, long-acting reversible contraception, and much more.

Pat, as a fully serviced chatbot, produces detailed reports on a regular basis regarding its usage. These reports can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

"Japeto's informative reporting was impressive."
Project Manager
Central London Community Healthcare Trust

Clinically safe

We are experienced working with the NHS. Chatbot Pat has been risk-assessed by a clinical safety officer to ensure we have a safe and effective work flow for creating, reviewing and managing Pat.
Data Security & Protection Toolkit
Reviewed by our Clinical Safety Officer