ESG Policy

Net zero and Social Value Commitments

Please review our environmental social governance policy and note that we regularly update our commitments.

Our commitments

In line with the UK’s pledge to become Net Zero by 2050, Japeto are committed to reaching this and many other goals. We will continue to calculate and mitigate our emissions through energy efficiency projects, donating to high impact environmental projects and carbon offsets.

As an NHS supplier we are also committed to the requirements of the Carbon Reduction Plan. This requires that we publish a Carbon Reduction Plan containing our targets and our current emissions in scopes 1, 2 & 3. We are currently developing our carbon reduction plan.

We continue to promote conversations on environmental awareness and responsibility. We encourage all staff to understand how carbon emissions relate to data transfer and how reducing energy consumption is vital to improved web sustainability. Currently our website is hosted on a platform whose data centres are powered by 100% renewable energy. We will continue to seek opportunities to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

As a digital service provider we plan to incorporate a digital carbon rating scale in existing development processes to better understand digital emissions. 

Waste Reduction

We recycle paper and plastic in the office, use digital documentation to reduce paper waste and ensure that any WEEE waste is recycled responsibly.

Accredited carbon offsets

We will carefully consider carbon reduction projects to offset our emissions that will benefit woodlands in the UK and renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that promote sustainable development for the local communities they occur in.

To compensate for our remaining carbon emissions this year, we will be purchasing woodland carbon units from Woodland Carbon Code, an accredited carbon offsetting standard. Currently we are determining our emissions by tonne of CO2e.

Social Value Commitments

We will continue to work with charities, healthcare, start-ups and government agencies to benefit our community.

Telecommuting and flexible work arrangements

To reduce commuting-related carbon emissions, our work arrangements are flexible, and we use video conferencing and other online collaboration tools. We also encourage alternative transportation such as walking, biking, carpooling and public transportation.

Green Procurement

We source environmentally friendly office supplies, furniture, and other equipment when we can. Our office building is dedicated to reducing direct and indirect emissions to zero by 2045.