September 18, 2023

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Living Wage Employer


Fintek is happy to announce that we’ve pledged to be a living wage employer. This means that all employees are guaranteed a livable salary.

Who is the Real Living Wage

The Real Living Wage is a unique UK wage rate that is voluntarily paid by more than 12,000 businesses across the country. These employers recognize the importance of compensating their employees with a wage that is sufficient to cover basic everyday needs, such as groceries and healthcare expenses.

Through the Living Wage campaign, over 450,000 workers have received a pay increase, highlighting the positive impact that fair wages can have on individuals and their communities. This campaign has gained support from various political parties, indicating the widespread recognition of the importance of fair pay.

The Foundation has accredited a diverse range of employers, including prominent names such as Google, Nationwide, LUSH, and several premier league football clubs such as Everton and Chelsea. In fact, half of the FTSE 100 companies are also accredited by the Foundation, demonstrating that the Living Wage movement is gaining momentum among some of the biggest and most influential businesses in the UK.

Why does this matter?

Living wage is good for business and good for people. According the the Real Living Wage foundation, businesses gain credibility and good relationships with their employees.

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Ultimately, a real living wage matters because we need to value the people on our team.

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