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Schej is an intelligent scheduling solution which enables its customers to manage their hybrid workforce, maximise collaboration and increase productivity.

Fintek has built the entire technical solution for Schej, from product design through to development and ongoing support.


Schej needed an app to efficiently manage diverse workforces, handling team members with various work preferences such as office, remote, or a mix of both.

Creating attendance schedules can be incredibly challenging. For large organisations with numerous employees and intricate team setups, there are countless ways to schedule attendance. Unlike many other scheduling tools that operate in batches, Schej aimed for a real-time app. It should instantly generate a new schedule whenever there’s a change in the company’s employee structure or settings.

The Schej solution had to swiftly and effectively solve this intricate computational problem, even at a large scale.


Japeto collaborated with a mathematician to develop a scheduling algorithm using mixed integer linear programming. This algorithm optimizes team schedules by considering factors like maximizing office presence and face-to-face interactions among key team members. It’s designed for easy expansion, allowing Schej to incorporate new factors over time.

We created a scalable cluster computing system to handle scheduling tasks across multiple machines, accommodating companies with thousands of employees. As Schej grows, it can effortlessly handle increased processing demands by adding server capacity with just a few clicks.

We integrated with AWS SES for regular schedule distribution and enabling employees to adjust their office schedules directly from their email clients.

Building on Schej Time’s success, we added an intelligent meeting scheduling feature that finds optimal meeting times based on employee schedules. We seamlessly integrated this service with Microsoft Outlook and Google Workspace using the Microsoft Graph and Google APIs.


Japeto swiftly developed Schej Time, the core functionality of Schej, in just four months. This powerful tool efficiently generates workplace schedules, even for large companies.

The MVP kickstarted Schej’s journey, helping them form their core team and bring in beta testers.

In the initial year, Jamie Tidman, our technical founder, served as interim CTO, guiding technical decisions and seeking additional funding. Jamie also played a crucial role in securing research and development tax relief for Schej.

Schej expanded its offerings to include meeting and meeting room booking management, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Google Workspace, simplifying administration for large enterprises.

Schej Time's scheduling solution
Schej Time's scheduling solution