FX payments platform with MasterCard integration

Currency Wire

Web Application




London, UK


Japeto partnered with Currency Wire and Racing FX to undertake a comprehensive digital transformation initiative, creating a custom automated payments platform. This secure platform enables clients to seamlessly manage their payments online, freeing up Currency Wire’s support team from administrative tasks. Japeto oversaw all aspects of the platform’s development, from design to deployment and ongoing maintenance. We also streamlined the customer onboarding process by automating ID document uploads and integrating KYC providers, further reducing the workload for staff.


Scala, Akka, Java, AngularJS, AWS

The Currency Wire app is a comprehensive multi-currency payment platform featuring a debit MasterCard function. It allows individuals and small businesses to manage multiple currency wallets and make local, SWIFT, and SEPA payments in various currencies. The platform is available on both web and mobile devices (Android and iOS).

To enhance the user experience, we developed an algorithm that updates the card balance in real-time for all currencies in response to user transactions and exchange rate changes, effectively turning the prepaid MasterCard into a debit card with unique capabilities compared to similar programs.

Japeto was responsible for the entire development of the Currency Wire platform, including UX design, infrastructure management, and technical support.

In the next phase of the project, we integrated the multi-currency MasterCard program, which required significant work with a major payment provider and the creation of a high-availability transaction monitor. We also added the ability for online clients to order and manage multiple cards individually, enabling companies to easily track employee expenses and individuals to view their family’s spending in one place.

Finally, we collaborated with Currency Wire’s staff to redesign the platform’s interface, creating a sleek and user-friendly design for both Android and iOS devices.


The card programme integration provided Currency Wire’s card with functionality above and beyond similar pre-paid card programs. While most prepaid card programmes require the user to manually load funds onto the card before they can spend funds, we built a high-frequency, event-driven system which automatically updates card balances in response to transactions and exchange rate fluctuations. As a result, the card behaves like a full-featured debit card, tracking the users’ balances on the app.

At the same time, we’ve upgraded the infrastructure so that the platform can easily and quickly integrate new payments, FX and banking providers. This gives the platform huge flexibility in terms of the number of currencies and countries it can trade in, along with opening up opportunities to license the platform.

We find [Japeto] a highly professional and dedicated development company that provides a cost effective a fast means of developing and deploying services and components for our online products.