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London, UK


Schej wanted an overhaul of their current website to increase their website traffic and better display their products to a hybrid workforce. They wanted excellent engaging content, describing the benefits of their scheduling solutions that other companies weren’t solving.  The website needed to be efficient, so it had to be able to filter out spam and non-business contacts.


WordPress, Elementor

We started by auditing the current website material and proposing a new site map structure to bring the most important info forward.

Next, we put together wireframes of each page, using a content-first strategy (no lorem ipsum!). This forced us to make the hard decisions about what content we needed and not how many words would look good.

Working with Schej’s head of marketing, we picked major pain points that Schej solves and targeted those to make illustrations and CSS animations to grab visitors’ attention.

The wireframes were turned into a clickable prototype that user testers could play with and gave us an opportunity to evaluate: are we communicating clearly to new visitors?

From there, we created a few key high-fidelity screens using Adobe XD, which gave us another chance to review and decide on a final style. The site was created in WordPress with Elementor and customs elements added in.


We ended with a website that:

  • Filtered spam and non-business emails at the form level
  • Pushed new website contacts directly into Schej’s CRM, Pipedrive, for easy follow-up
  • Embedded Microsoft Bookings form
  • Unique graphics for Schej
The new Schej website