Understanding Information Security Management Systems

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What is ISMS? An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a crucial component for managing and protecting your organisation’s sensitive data. At its core, an ISMS is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure, involving employees, processes, and IT systems with a coordinated approach. By implementing an ISMS, you […]

AI for Emergency Response: Revolutionising Crisis Management


In recent times, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in emergency response has become indispensable. AI can rapidly analyse vast amounts of data to streamline decision-making processes and enhance the efficiency of disaster management operations. Whether you’re tackling a natural disaster like an earthquake or managing crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, AI is a […]

How Is AI Used in Education to Transform Learning?

Imagine a classroom where each student receives tailor-made lessons, addressing their unique needs and learning pace. This is happening today, thanks to artificial intelligence in education. AI-driven tools can provide personalised learning experiences, ensuring that no student gets left behind. These tools analyse students’ performance and adapt the teaching methods accordingly, offering instant feedback and […]

Generative AI in Healthcare

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Revolutionising Patient Care Imagine a world where doctors can easily turn your visit notes into detailed medical records in just seconds. Generative AI is transforming the healthcare sector by enhancing patient care and streamlining operations. From aiding clinicians to documenting patient interactions to assisting pharmaceutical firms in drug development, the impact is vast. You might […]

Presenting Pat at BHIVA Spring 2024 Conference

Ingrid Folland and Ian Montgomery stand on stage at the BHIVA presenting

Japeto was absolutely delighted to be asked to present alongside Positive East, at the British HIV Association (BHIVA) 2024 Spring Conference. This year it was held in Birmingham, UK from April 29 through May 1. Clinicians and community-organisations came together to share new research and developments around HIV in the United Kingdom. We’ve added the […]

Potential Dangers of Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise how we work, even in the most sensitive settings. It also has the potential for significant mistakes. We’re going to look at some examples of when generative AI has caused or had the potential to cause harm. Healthcare Incorporating generative artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, mainly through […]

Meet Michael

What’s your job title? Non-executive director (NED) What do you actually do? As a NED, I help with the strategic direction of Japeto. You’ll also find me fine-tuning operations, building relationships, and sharing new developments in AI. What’s your journey getting here been like? I graduated from university in the late 1990s with a history […]

Pat and NIHR Funding

Using AI to Bridge Healthcare Disparities in STIs/HIV Screening for Ethnic Minority Communities £240,838 in funding from the NIHR National Institute for Health and Care Research was granted to fund research. The aim – to help create chatbots for public health within the NHS, with a focus on serving minority ethnic populations. This was a […]

Meet Emily

Meet the team - Emily

What’s your job title?Office assistant & content coordinator What do you actually do?My role has been quite varied. There are different aspects to my role, administrative and content coordination. I manage emails, maintain records, and reformat data. I also update chatbot scripts, social media and the website. What’s your journey getting here been like?At the […]

Data Dilemma


The ethical use of data has become a critical concern in the landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots. Instances of data misuse, breaches, and questionable practices have raised eyebrows and prompted discussions about the boundaries for AI. We’re exploring some specific cases for how that line gets crossed. Bugs, bugs, bugs Photo by Zac […]